BlockNotes, write and save

Write all the notes you want and simply save and reuse pieces of text, images and links. On the web and on the mobile, everything is synchronized.

Write and save notes

Take notes switching on the lateral tabs and changing the selected block note. You can also rename voice of the menu clicking for long time on lateral and you can cutomize the argument of theese notes. Close your BlockNotes and your notes will be automatically saved.

Reuse clipboard history

You can find and reuse all your clippings copied from everywhere in your smartphone (all the clipboard history is available here). Share or reuse every link or piece of text.

Take pictures and write on

Take pictures and write on what you want, save the photos and share it with your friends.

Draw on a blackboard

Draw freehand on the blackboard and save the picture.

Write your daily expenses

Everyday write your expenses and your incomings. Write your expenses notes and delete them with a long click.

Discover where you spent and how to save money

Discover how you spent your money and learn how to save your money.